We’ve all felt it for a while now, the dreaded feeling every morning of having to dedicate precious minutes if not hours to our daily appearance, just to feel accepted by the world. Makeup has given women and men the ability to express themselves over many centuries and through these periods we have seen some pretty horrific trends. Although makeup is nowhere near as toxic or outlandish as it once was, there is still this outdated expectation/message that clouds the industry.
Makeup is a tool to help people better express themselves and boost their confidence, but somehow this has gotten blurred with masking our natural beauty and creating a face that just isn't authentic with ourselves. We are trapped in this nasty cycle of putting makeup on to cover small blemishes, but because regular makeup is full of suffocating silicones it only suffocates the skin and makes the blemish worse. This then leads us to put more makeup on to mask the bigger imperfection and it goes on.


The makeup industry is the one that needs a makeover - not you! 

What if every foundation available contained no chemicals and had formulas boosted with more nutrients that actually improve your skin, making it better than when you first put it on?? 
Giving us back the freedom to wear makeup when we WANT to, not because we feel we HAVE to. This is huge! 

Covering and masking our skin from the world needs to be a thing of the past. 
Golden Glow is a tool to help free you from this cycle and help empower you to feel more radiant and confident in your own skin. 

Makeup should be nourishing, anti-aging and brightening. It should help improve the size of your pores and let your skin breathe all day. At Perle Co., we are starting a revolution, to ditch the old way of wearing makeup and show you that there are better ways to make you feel beautiful and confident. We want you to love your skin and yourself no matter what - because that is what is truly important. Wearing makeup is a fun way to express yourself, not what defines you to the world and yourself.
Empower yourself. 
Join our crusade to only wear skin-loving makeup.
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