April is almost upon us --  which means the latest addition to our Perle co family is so close to being ready for launch, we are about to pee our pants with excitement.. 

While some of us might have a little extra time up our sleeves with the current quarantining situation - we thought it would be a perfect time to give you a little bit of reading and info on another completely new concept created by us - (drumroll) meet PEARL GLOW!

Now we wouldn’t be honest if we didn’t disclose how much more excited we were to develop and trial Golden Glow over Pearl Glow (maybe feeling like a guilty mother having favourites over here - and thinking of her own personal tan obsession ;) ) 

But now having trialled and nearly launched the two products, we can say how much Pearl Glow has truly surprised us!

 It seems our creations only keep getting better.. and the sooner this product is on the market,  the sooner it can start helping ALL women out there! 


Perle Co’s creator and visionary, Shayla is dying to share some snappy snippets with you  about why this is one product you truly cannot live without!



No more fuss with foundations changing shades on your skin.
I think we’ve all experienced that frustration we get when we think we’ve found that perfect shade of foundation to only catch a glimpse of ourselves 2 hours later to find it sitting on our skin a completely different colour! Just a drop of Pearl Glow will stop your foundation from oxidising on your skin.
Yep that’s right, how you see it when you put it on is how it will be when you take it off! 

Incredible skincare benefits. 
Just like our Golden Glow, when wearing any of our Glow range you’ll notice your skin improving instead of getting more congested like other makeup products. 
Receive the same magical anti-aging benefits from our crushed pearl powder and intense hydration from our aloe base formula - So Awesome! 

The one makeup product that I personally as a makeup artist never fully understood. Nearly all primers I could take or leave and never truly saw a dramatic difference from. Without being biased - Pearl Glow exceeds all the expectations of a primer and more. Generally when looking to prime it is to cover pigment and reduce pore size, not only does it help with those problems - it impacts the lasting power of your base foundation dramatically and helps diminish the concerns of why you even put makeup on. As a makeup artist and woman herself, i see the philosophy of the makeup industry as flawed in the way it doesn’t empower women.. Creating a need to wear makeup as opposed to a desire/choice to wear makeup! Okay we got a little off topic, perhaps this is a whole other blog on its own….

Manipulation of colour.
Pearl Glows strong pigment is astonishing! Turn your darkest foundation into the lightest shade. Say goodbye to needing multiple foundations, creating the perfect shade has never been easier. 

Setting power.
Say goodbye to needing a setting spray! Now truly - I have been known to be a RELIGIOUS setter, never leaving the house without setting my makeup,  believing it made a difference in the lasting power of my makeup…. then I started using a few drops of white glow throughout my foundation base routine. I solemnly swear this product is the best foundation setter I have ever come across and TBH (just rolling with honesty theme) this was never a feature that was even intended for this product! But what a win for the industry - another new concept! 

There you have it ladies a run down on why this product surprised us so much and why we believe no woman can go a day without it!!

As always we love hearing from you so please comment or send us a message with any question. 

With all the weirdness going on in the world, keep up the compassion and consideration for others but most importantly stay safe. 

Sending lots of Perle love to you Beauties

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  • Hi I used the trial of perle glow mixed with my foundation (worked great for lasting power!) but I’m confused about where sunscreen comes in?

    If I use sunscreen underneath the product won’t the perle glow not be able to sink in and then my skin wont get the benefits of the ingredients?

    Any help you could give before I invest in the full size would be much appreciated.

    Elly :)

    Elly Kondos on

  • Shayla your first product is wonderful look forward to trying your second. Very proud of you Beautiful Lady.🌻🌸

    CHeryllyn Beare on

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