Our story starts with a dream to create something healing yet practical for the everyday woman. We, like most women love makeup and find nothing more satisfying than that perfect silky finish we can only seem to achieve with nothing other than a chemically-filled makeup base product (that is, until now). However, the blocked pores and muddy consistency to the skin starts to outweigh that flawless finish. It leads to a vicious cycle of using more of the nasty products to cover the nasty damage it is causing the skin. We had to create something much needed in the beauty industry. What if we were able to have both? Beautiful healed skin that has a fabulous finish without having to compromise and use those nasty ingredients. We made it our soul mission and worked tirelessly for two years to bring Golden Glow to the market. 

Our mission is to continuously innovate and bring better and smarter makeup concepts that woman had dreamed impossible. We never stop dreaming and creating and feel so proud of the products we have released since the OG Golden Glow. We ensure each new product complements the range. We love makeup and what it does for our self confidence and only look forward to forever coming up with ways we can keep this going with better environmental wastage systems and cleaner yet smarter ingredients used in all our products. 

Thank you for being part of the revolution in changing the industry forever. We are excited to continuously amaze you with exciting new concepts and forward moving ingredients seen in all our products. 

Much Love, 

Perle Co. x