With so much buzz on socials these days about ‘selflove’ we take a moment to dig a little deeper on what these words really mean and the power we have to choose to live our lives with self love in each moment. 

Nothing says self love more than taking a moment to check out from the intensity of life. The deadlines, the bills, the things we’re always saying we ‘Should’ do. ( that’s a word that you can totally drop from your vocab for a 100% self love lifestyle right there! ) 

Ideas to get in touch with your ‘SELF’

Meditation - not just a practice limited to yogis and monks - there are so many different types out there! The best way to find one that cultivates peace and love within you is to just choose one and start! We began our adventure with guided meditations on YouTube. Start with 5 minutes and see where the journey takes you….

Gratitude - OH, to shift the focus from what we ‘need’ to what abundance we already have!  And if material things are bringing you down, get simple. Be grateful for your eyes that can see the beauty in this world, your heart that pumps blood around your incredible body, nourishing Every. Single. Cell! They’re just two of some pretty darn special parts of you that make your existence possible! So bring that gratitude for YOU into your heart and feel the self love grow. We love looking for gratitude, even in those moments that seem shitty! (eg traffic, losing your wallet, not getting that job) and we always give thanks for the beautiful likeminded souls that desire some change in the world of makeup too!

Affirmations - Shut down nasty self talk with some love inspired affirmations. Make them your screen saver, write them in your journal, write them on your bathroom mirror and remind yourself of the awesomeness that you are. Our personal fave, you are enough. Because.. well, you just are! 

Be in nature - we are human, and though we have done our very best to create environments that WE see fit for us to enjoy (think your temperature controlled, technology filled, clean work/home space) our bodies are really designed to be outside. While we don’t have to run away, live in a cave and rough the elements to be at one with Mother Nature - Simply being barefoot on the earth, getting some sunshine or just admiring a plant will help bring you back.

Do all of them or just one, but rest assured your soul is enriched by these simple acts of self love. 

Beyond the beauty treatments and bubble baths are the moments of stillness that we can grasp to connect with our beautiful bodies, how we really are feeling, and to find out what enriches our essence. 

Much love, Mel x
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  • So beautifully written. Filled my heart with Love and Joy! Thank you for the reminder x

    Maya on

  • Thank you for this inspiring message!

    Zaakira Ebrahim on

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