Hello there gorgeous Glowers, 

Just some musings for you this fine Wednesday about the value of a natural skin-loving routine!

Did you know our skin is the biggest organ in our body? It is super efficient at what it does, allowing nourishment and moisture in while at the same time releasing toxins!

Clever skin! ... however the skincare industry has made it a little more challenging for your amazing skin to do what it was born to do, with the inclusion of many synthetic chemicals that are known to create a ‘protective’ barrier on your skin. While some of these chemicals may be designed to retain moisture in the skin they are also creating a barrier that doesn’t allow toxins out. Your skin just can’t breathe easy when certain chemical ingredients are in the way of its natural flow. 

Think congestion, breakouts, blackheads. Now we’re not saying that by using natural skincare you're going to avoid ever having a pimple - but we feel better knowing our skin is living its true purpose of being able to freely absorb moisture via the air and our kick-ass skincare while expelling toxins. 

There are also other factors that come into play with your skin's condition including the amount of water you drink, pesky hormones, your exposure to the elements .. AND it's also very much down to the foods that you choose to nourish your body with. 

We personally avoid products that contain 

  • Silicones 
  • Phthalates 
  • EDTA
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEGs)
  • Parabens

Sadly not just limited to skincare, these nasties are also found in makeup.  So your beautiful face could be getting a double whammy of what can be likened to microscopic cling wrap. Un. Cool. 

Though fear not if your skin has been suffering at the mercy of these ingredients, there is help at hand!

There are a myriad of natural and effective skincare ranges out there now, that offer hardworking exfoliants with plant-based AHAs as well as prescriptive facials to remove that layer of nasty… And while it’s still there, all the amazing serums in the world won't be able to break through the build-up and deliver their anti-aging magic to your skin. 

We’re so excited and inspired to be a part of the change towards skin-loving makeup! Because you deserve only the best and cleanest ingredients. 

Big Love,  

Mel & The Perle Tribe

P.s Here is an overview of some of the brands and products we love to use with our Perle Co.

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  • Hi Teresa,

    We are so thrilled you are finding your Perle Co. products are working well on your sensitive skin as and found our blog helpful.

    A cleansing milk can be a gentle nourishing approach to cleansing. If you haven’t tried them before I would highly recommend them. The Lekura range is fantastic for non toxic, gentle products (and they’re Australian).

    If you ever need any help please don’t be shy.

    Much love,
    Owner of Perle Co.

    shayla howard on

  • Thanks Mel and tribe for all this information. I’ve loved my samples and am eagerly looking forward to the delivery of my full size products. Perle co has been really good on my sensitive skin. I often have rosacea and can easily hurt my skins barrier (unfortunately, I did this recently by exfoliating with a fruit enzyme twice in a week). I’m wondering if you think the cleansing milk may be good for my skin. Like you Mel, at the moment, even gently washing my face can sting my cheeks. Thanks for making a nourishing product for our skin.

    Teresa on

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