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Today we are going back to the beginning of why Perle Co. even exists. Golden Glow is the backbone of our company so lets explore why so many of you just love this product. 
Golden Glow was created to help us all feel confident in having more makeup free days and just feel radiant in our own skin. With our range having expanded so much in the last two years so many of us still find our selves doing this routine the most! It's all you need, whether it's just to feel confident to have a make up free day, heading to the gym, working from home or just a little pick me up for our ladies that don't usually wear anything.
Some little hacks I find helpful in bringing extra colour to my face is of course 3 drops of Golden Glow. I also give a few light pinches to the cheeks and lips to get a nice rosy tone. 
Although we now have such a large and incredible range of unique products, our gratitude will never go for this truly amazing makeup concept. It is the driving force behind our company.
We love you Golden Glow!
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Golden Glow 
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