Golden Glowing Body Tutorial

I can't believe it's December ladies and if you're the same you've probably been so busy you haven't even thought about that winter glow you're still rocking, until it's now time to put on a fabulous party outfit. If this is you don't worry! We have an instant way to get you a summer golden glowing body with minimal effort. So let's get into it! 
Firstly, skin prep is always super helpful in getting a really nice even consistency so if you have the time give the body a little scrub in the shower. This will leave the skin feeling amazing to touch too!
All you need to do now is apply a mixture of Body Glow & Golden Glow in apply in sections to the body. Amounts will depend on the colour and glow you're after but be generous the body will be more absorbent than you think. Allow the product to set in for about 5 minutes if you can before dressing. There you have it, amazing golden glowing skin for any event! 
Products Used-
Perle Co. Body Glow
Perle Co. Golden Glow
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