Body Glow - Illuminating Body Oil


A soft, luminous body oil made up of natural extracts to nourish and hydrate the skin. Perfect for prolonging a fake tan and helping it to fade-out gracefully. Say no to patchy, thirsty skin and yes to skin so silky smooth you might mistake it for a satin sheet. The Perle Co. Body Glow is a great excuse to steal a moment to treat yourself. Its soft, fresh aroma and velvet consistency will have you wanting to bathe in it. This creation is made to soothe the skin and give a certain feeling of indulgence with every application. You might have 99 problems but dry, flaky skin won't be one!

If you like the sounds of our Body Glow, then go ahead, add it to your cart. But you best add its best friend as well - Liquid Sunshine, a delicious dry oil for the face. These two are the perfect duo; keeping with an invigorating journey of fruity ingredients that deeply hydrate your skin.

Nourishing Apricot Kernel Oil hydrates and improves skin tone with its source of Vitamin E & C working in harmony together. Appleseed Oil to condition and nourish the skin and the aromatic freshness of Cucumber Oil. Baobab Oil helps improve elasticity and protects your skin by helping withstand pollution damage our skin faces everyday.  Altogether working to stimulate collagen production leaving the skin feeling firmer and smoother over time. 

Why We Love it


Hero Ingredients

Apricot Kernel Oil

High in Vitamin E this oil helps to soften the skin, retain moisture and provides Antioxidants.

Baobab Oil

Rich in Vitamins A, D and E. Improves elasticity by encouraging regeneration of skin cells. A rich antioxidant and helps protect and deeply nourish the skin. 

Cucumber Oil

Rich in minerals with cooling, nutritive and soothing properties. 

Jojoba Oil

Full of Omegas and Antioxidants and restores balance to the skin. 

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