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Having that instant hit of colour to help balance out your skin has never been more nourishing. Wear Golden Glow on it's own or mix it with any daily favourite skin care product.
Gone are the days when you needed multiple foundations to try and keep your colour matched to your skin. Golden Glow allows you to alter and play around with your foundation colour so you can get the perfect match every-time with one multi use nourishing product.
The easiest everyday makeup look done in less than 5 minutes, using the unique nourishing Golden Glow. Nourish and heal your skin whilst looking your best self.
In this video, I show you how to quickly achieve a long-lasting, flawless finish with an easy DIY at-home routine. I also cover 3 simple ways you can use our healthy Golden Glow to get the perfect blend/colour with your primer, foundation and contour regardless of what stage your tan is currently at.
Golden Glow is the perfect product to give you a natural youthful glow that you can sleep in. This tutorial has helpful tips on how to apply a "no makeup' make up look, for those times you have a sexy sleep over or just want to look extra nice for a special someone.
Apply a subtle breathable makeup look safe to work out in. We want you glowing with confidence when doing your reps which is why we innovated the product initially.

Audrey is one of Perle Co.'s first customers so we thought it'd be fun to get her on camera to share her journey and experience from when she first started using Golden Glow. Audrey is at an age where she can really benefit from an easy apply makeup product that just adds a natural Glow.     

                                                                                                                                    Tammy shares her honest experience after using Golden Glow for 4 months, she explains how it has helped her live in alignment with her true authentic self & be more confident in her own skin.

Darken any foundation with Golden Glow. Our rich pigmented formula helps add warmth to any foundation to help you adjust your shade to be the perfect match. Golden Glows consistency also helps make your foundation base long lasting and fast absorbing giving a silky even application. This product is your new best friend if you're a regular fake tanner or just catch the sun easily.

Learn how our newest product Perle Glow can change up your makeup routine and rock your world. 4 key benefits that will bring about a dramatic change to your routine.

Our magical zero residue one colour fits all foundation. These are the four ways women love to use it.

It can be hard to create a dewy look without using a lot of illuminators. Here is a little hack on how you can get a dewy look all day just by following some simple steps. 

Flawless finish with minimal coverage! It's a thing... this glowing bronzed makeup look with a subtle winged eye will have you looking effortlessly fabulous in no time.