For those days you just feel like a little more, fora full coverage nourished look using all your Perle Co. products follow the steps below.

Step 1- Apply Perle Glow to give an illuminated canvas and a nourishing protective layer to protect your skin

Step 2- Apply Golden Glow & Liquid Sunshine with hands for a dewy radiant glow ( by using you will need less heavy foundation)

Step 3- Apply a SPF foundation of choice to top up face with a bit of coverage and sun protection

Step 4- Dust a translucent powder to help seal base products

Step 5- Bronzer and illuminator applied to cheeks and eyes

Step 6- Eye products for that popping eye look. Eyeliner, Mascara, brow pencil and brow gel is used

Step 7- Brighten look with a full coverage concealer under eyes applying towards end will contour and brighten

Step 8- A Lippy that will match your outfit, and that's it you're good go!

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