Pearls, the ancient medicine of the Western culture. They truly are the oceans best remedy. Having being used for many centuries for not only their internal healing benefit for things such as hormonal balancing and all over great internal health. Crushed pearls then began being used in womens skin care routine, giving the skin a magnificent glow and brightening effect. Crushed pearls also give the benefit of anti-ageing, pore refining, soothing of any inflammation so great for rosacea and acne. 

I was blown away when I found out the magical benefits of this ingredient and was inspired to create a unique makeup range that included this ingredient in all of the products. The crush pearl powder is so fine it leaves a silky soft finish to the product making Perle Co. a game changer to the industry. All pearls sourced for Perle Co. are of the highest quality and a particular grade to help balance and purify the skin. Nothing gives us more pleasure then to deliver a product that makes woman feel incredible as well as heal and nourish their skin every time they wear it.

We are sorry to any of our vegans visiting our page, since oyster were classified to have a filtration system that means we are not vegan. We feel these magical benefits are to good not to be experienced by woman around the world though. We at Perle Co. are big animal lovers and are strongly against any animal cruelty. Making all our pearls used in our products sustainably sourced. 



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