Striking Healthy Glowing Makeup

It's time to put on your party dress ladies and have some fun doing a makeup look that will focus on getting your cheek bones, lips & eyes popping! I like to start with my eyes first when applying eye shadow this just means I can be super messy with my application and you really can't get it wrong. The only thing I always put down before the shadow is a little touch of concealer or foundation just to give the eyeshadow something to attach to. I then finish the eye makeup by using a makeup wipe or a wet tissue to clean away all the mess. I focus on cleaning the face then finish the sides of the eyes by drawing the tip of my pointer in a up motion to give a clean wing look to the shadow. This helps lift the eyes. This tip is really great for anyone who has hooded eyes, just don't come out to the temples so much and lift more towards the line where your eyebrow ends. Shadow that comes out too far from the sides of the brow bone can draw the eyes down instead of lifting them up.
I then use a touch of bronzer under the cheek bones and a nice rosy blush on my apples to really bring out my cheeks.
Then finally a beautiful bright lippy to really lift the whole look!
This makeup is all about showing how heavy foundation is not needed to show off a dramatic party looking makeup. In fact showing your natural healthy glowing complexion with a more dramatic look is actually really striking!
So have fun ladies, 2021 was one hell of a year so we all deserve to let our hair down and feel beautiful. Well that's how we feel here at Perle Co.
Products Used-
Tarte Tape Shape Concealer 
Unkown Eye Shadow Palette
Mecca Brown Eyeliner 
Kat Von Dee Liquid Liner 
Perle Co. Trio
Hourglass Ambient Light Dim Light Powder
Sephora Flushed Blush
Hourglass Ambient Light Bronzer
Perle Co. Lip Glow Watermelon 
Benefit Micro Blade Brow Pencil
Lancome Hypnose Mascara
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