Here we are again, in the heart of the season that means goodwill, hope and joy for the world - as well as lots of present shopping. 

Now it's been quite the year for most, some of us might be feeling the pinch of a year that has challenged and stretched us to new limits. But as we sit and ponder what gifts we should give the kids or Aunty Joan -  I would love us to dive a little deeper into the reasons why we are gifting. 

Most of all, the intention behind giving is sharing the moment when someone feels all that love and appreciation as they open a gift that was thought of just for them. And if you’re one of those incredible gifters that starts taking notes on the things your friends and family might need or mention through the year, then I'm sure this moment is all the more sweeter as you see the realisation on their face that your gift had been thought of months in advance.

Now Secret Santa can be a whole other ball game, budget keeps things interesting and creativity comes into play! So many options to choose from, the silly presents, the gimmicky presents, a little thing that makes you think of them, an in-joke or an item they’re always losing (or borrowing). Such a great way to lighten the gifting spirit.. We are actually doing one amongst our extended family this year!

Without a little secret santa, what seems like a small gesture for each member of the family definitely can turn into an epic outlay that can miss the point of giving in the first place. We start making lists of people to give to A because they will surely give us something and we will have to reciprocate or B because we feel wrong giving to some and not others for fear that someone might take offense. 

Our biggest hope that this year more than ever, is that we are all able to look beyond the tearing into presents around the tree (as fun as that can be!) and truly feel the gift of those we are blessed enough to spend our precious time with. Those that have been there supporting us all year, through lock downs, break downs and those little wins that are actually pretty darn big. 

Perhaps just our presence in someone's life really is the greatest gift we can give and a present under the tree is simply some icing on the Christmas cake.

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