Getting that flawless finish is one thing but making it last the whole day is a whole other problem in itself. 

Having being a makeup artist for 10 years now, I have worked out and developed some pretty nifty ways you can achieve a long lasting look and when you have a line up of 8 eager women to have their makeup done- it needs to be FAST. So I’m confident with your Golden Glow in hand you’ll be astounded by the results. 

 By just following a few easy steps you can help prep, prime and seal to leave a finish like no other and have it last the test of time. So let's get right to it!


Nothing and I mean NOTHING is more crucial to having a flawless long lasting finish then this step. Your skin prep consists of cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating. If you have any occasion and you are applying more makeup than normal then exfoliating needs to be a prerequisite. Exfoliating removes dead skin so ultimately you’re stopping the base makeup from  clogging up on dead skin causing a flaky rough texture which will fall off leaving undesirable patches and uneven skin tone. It also gives a clean flawless look to the makeup, we promise you won’t ever look back after doing this step right before a full glam look. 


Have fun mixing up your usual priming routine with our Golden Glow. One of our favourite ways to use it is solely on its own as a colour additive/ primer as it has such a silky and zero residue effect to the skin. This step is life changing when fake tanning as any fake tan girl will know you lose colour from your face first making it hard to blend and match your colour leaving that white face & brown body look we all despise. The best part about this step though, is it helps reduce that patchy look you can get when you are lighter than your foundation colour. So if you find you suffer from this by either using sun protection regularly of you just have always been a different shade on your neck and face, then this step is just as much for you too. 


Find you love that dewy look but it moves too much on the face in the hotter months? Golden Glow can also help with that! Mix a few drops into your favourite foundation to help get that fast absorbing zero residue effect to your foundation without having to compromise on the overall look and feel of the product. Powder is also recommended for this step. Just a light dusting over the tee section can make such a difference to the lasting power of your makeup. Nowadays we have some amazing products that you can spritz and set with. If you find they are too expensive for the amount of times you will use them then try using a hydrating hydrosol (toner) it is just as effective.

There you have it, just by simply doing a few simple steps you’ll notice a massive difference to the lasting power of your makeup! We hope you enjoy experimenting and playing with your Golden Glow and other products. Makeup is all about creating and playing so just have fun with it, the effects will be just a bonus!

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  • What a great tip. I’ve been using golden glow as a primer, then adding a touch of it to my foundation. My skin looks and feels less oily on those warm humid days. Golden glow has become my make up staple. Thanks for creating such a fabulous product x

    Kate Tempest on

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