3 Fun Way to wear your lip glow

I know so many of you ladies have multiple shades of our Lip Glow and just love them! So here is 3 fun ways to play with your Lip Glows that you might not know about!
1- We love playing around with all the different shades by putting them on top of one another. Our Favourite is Sunny Red & Coral, but let us know what yours is.
2- For our ladies out there that just like that stained look and hate the feeling of lipstick (but love the colour) try blotting. Apply Lip Glow like normal than blot and repeat till the you get the desired colour on the lips your after.
3- Try using lip liner before to get a real intensified colour. You can also touch up with more lip liner after applying your Lip Glow to stop bleeding and get a super clean lip line.
We hope you have fun playing with all these different ways especially over the holiday party season! 💋
Products Used-
Perle Co. Lip Glow Coral
Perle Co. Lip Glow Sunny Red
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